Night Marking – Event Safety Marker Lights

/Night Marking – Event Safety Marker Lights
Night Marking – Event Safety Marker Lights 2021-03-16T06:22:07+11:00

Flashing LED lights and Reflective Tags for course marking for night events.

Available to purchase or be used at your event.


  • Lightweight (13 grams per unit), small (7cm x 11cm x 2cm) so don’t take up a lot of space. Important for course markers and sweeps.
  • Strong light – night visibility up to 1km in good conditions with wide view angle.
  • Firm switch – they don’t turn on by themselves when in the backpack.
  • Can be considered disposable, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend or condone leaving them out there.
  • Can include a customised insert that includes a message about what the light is for and that it’s going to be removed (see pictures).
  • Can be tied on with tape.


  • Press/Squeeze the back of the LED to turn on, press again for fast flash, again for slower flash (best, approx. 4 per second), again for off.

Battery & Life

  • Each light takes 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Light will last more than 7 days on slow flash. Light will gradually dim after approximately 5 days.


  • $9.00 per unit outright purchase
  • $4.50 per unit if returned to Terrainium.
  • Battery included
  • We can also put together DIY kits – just ask.


Lights are sealed in plastic bag – click to turn on and off.

Lights in operation – front and back. Click here to see it working.

Reflective Tags are also used for supplementary night marking.
Click here for a live view.

Design your own custom insert – template available.